Thursday, December 2, 2010

Updates of sorts...

It's for sure been a while. I've had things I wanted to write about (the MPAA for one, nothing makes me more angry than the ratings system in the US) but things just keep getting in the way. Instead I've decided to do what I do best and talk about myself. ;)

First things first, my crazy schedule...
School has been plugging along and I've been getting lost in trigonometry and French. My French class has finally come to an end. I gave my final speech yesterday on the regulations of food testing in Europe vs. food testing in America. Since no one really cares I focused mainly on the difference between the labels and the governing groups for the food testing. Really as long as I pass thats all I care about. An A or B would be AWESOME though. I really want to get into grad school and an A or B would make that a lot easier. Tomorrow I take my final math "quiz" during class. The teacher is allowing me to use my ipod to block out the distracting noises. No one sits in front of me so there should be no problems with seeing people. Either way I'm passing the class so that works for me. I'll just have to finish my homework tonight and make sure I know my rules. Work is going as work has always gone. I've decided not to worry too much about it, but I am for sure planning on working some hardcore overtime during the 4 weeks I'm off of school. There's always something to do so I just have to convince the bosses that doing the more menial tasks are worth paying me time and a half. Shouldn't be too hard. They for sure know that all of that stuff needs to be done.

Health updates!
 I have made several changes in my health plan in the last few months. In the beginning of the semester I was on a few meds for my bipolar/stomach issues/back pain. In the last month and a half I decided that I didn't want my health to be tied so closely with modern medicine. Some people find that strange that I am fascinated by modern medicine, chemistry and really just science in general but don't want to participate in it. Frankly, my main interest is in things like GMO foods and alternative medicine/nutrition. I don't believe in creating things for the sake of creating them. In the last 20 years or so there are so many new diseases just because pharmaceutical companies have created solutions for them. I believe in creating food that can withstand bug infestations, and extreme weather patterns with its natural genes that haven't been utilized properly. I believe in using exercise, massage, acupucnture, and a truly healthy diet to create a healthy body and a healthy environment. Why do we need all these opiates for low to mid grade pain? Why do we create addicts where we don't need to? It's not necessary. I went to the gym this morning and met with a trainer. He helped me find a bunch of exercises that work out my entire body (including my back that is bothering me) without straining my back to the point where I'm in pain. Today, after that workout, my back feels better than it has in over a month. Obviously I still have  to be careful, but I feel like specific exercises like that and maybe some sort of massage therapy would be way more helpful for me than any sort of opiate I could be given. Currently I am not taking any sort of supplement or drug for anything and I am hoping to keep it that way. I may change my mind and start taking a multivitamin again, or maybe a vitamin supplement depending on what is recommended by the dietitian I am seeing on Tuesday but I am really hoping to change my diet to the point where I won't need anything like that either.

We'll see what happens, but for now I am looking forward to the end of the semester and a continuation of me finding more natural and holistic answers to my health issues.

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